Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And Yet MORE Missed Gigs...and So Much More

Fuck I have fallen all the way down on this blog. I know no one reads it, but it was my way to track my music shit and not I have failed.

Well, let's see.

1. The SVFD show on 11/5/2016 was our last. We broke up shortly after.
2. FW stopped rehearsing. We haven't officially broken up, but it has been almost a year since we got together.
3. DH (Breeders Trib) managed one rehearsal after our 2nd show. In theory we are still together, but inactive.
4. TD broke up after much drama, probably several years after it should have. JP is still harassing RS about it.
5. CJ is still together and rehearsing weekly. We just booked our first show since I think 4/4/2015
6. COL chugs along steadily, rehearses most weeks, released an album and two singles ("Oars in Hands" cover of Barristacide for Local Love Fest and "Butt Stuff" for cd presale backers) and has gigs in spurts for some reason.
7. RS, CT, Educational Davis and I formed a new band (tentatively named TN). We play RS's original songs. We've got about half a set so far.

12/2/2016: FW at, what the hell was that place called, Wine Down? (since closed)
2/4/2017: DH (Breeders Trib) at Crystal Corner Bar
2/19/2017: COL record Oars in Hands for Local Love Fest
2/25/2017: COL with Mono in Stereo
4/2/2017: TD at HNS
4/8/2017: COL with Mono in Stereo and High School Pizza in Rockford
5/5-7/2017: COL record our album Give to Get Got and the single Butt Stuff at Paradyme
5/12/2017: TD at Wisco (Justin had a drunken melt down)
6/10/2017: TD at Art In (our last show)
6/17/2017: COL at Mr Roberts
7/6/2017: COL at Frequency
10/21/2017: COL cd release at Frequency
12/7/2017: COL at HNS

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Missed Gigs

I just realized that I haven't been posting gig checking my calendar here are the ones that I think I missed...

2/4/2016: SSW at Parched Eagle
2/8/2016: CJ (where? looks like it was an early show)
April: FW at LRC?
April/May: CJ at Busking for Books?
5/14/2016: SVFD GRC 5K
6/4/2016: COL (where? probably at Wisco)
8/13/2016: FW and COL at Punk's Picnic
8/15/2016: COL at Frequency
9/2/2016: COL at Mickey's

SVFD private party 11/5/2016

We played the keyboard player's wife's birthday party. We did not rehearse. It was ok.

Divine Hammers as The Breeders, HNS, Freakin' Halloweekend, 10/28/2016

I was Kelley Deal for one glorious night. We played Last Splash front to back. It was awesome. Brought down $625

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

COL at The Vault

Almost forgot about this show too. Played with Indonesian Junk, The Pukes (liked them a bunch), and No Hoax for TLT's b-day. It snowed. I forget the setlist. JC had the worse ass gas I've ever smelled in my life (I gagged). Was introduced to the warehouse underground of was enlightening.

COL and FW at Frequency 12/21/2015

Nearly forgot about this double-header with Nick and Jon's new bands. I'll have to dig the setlists out.

All went well. Attendance was average. I used lots of pedals. I think it was my best effort with COL to date. But might be last COL show forever. Who knows? Could be first (legit)/last FW show forever too.