Monday, March 9, 2015

Breeders Tribute Progress Report


I'm just gonna take a moment to ponder that number.


I have kind of a list-making/task-checking-off personality. It gives me pleasure to finish things.  When the project is a very large one, the final "finished" payoff can take a long-ass time. And the truth is, by the time that I get there I've often discounted the goal and moved on to something else entirely.

But let's just point out here that, over about the last 10 months and one week (4/29/2014 to 3/8/2015) I have learned all the parts and recorded them for 53 Breeders songs. That's about 45 weeks...or 1.2 songs per week on average (though they really were done more in clumped batches than steadily). Along the way I've learned how to play power chords. And about guitar effects. And about slide guitar. And picked up a violin that I barely knew how to play and made sounds with it. And mostly nailed down many drum parts that I never thought I'd get. And almost, ALMOST, figured out barre chords and have begun to be able to play them mostly right. And I've noticed a TON of things about the songs that I never noticed before. And grew to like many of them way more than I used to.

I've accomplished all of this in my "spare" time.

It is kind of mind blowing.

All of Pod (except the Beatles tune, fuck that Beatles tune)
Half of Safari
All of Last Splash
All of Title TK
About one quarter of Mountain Battles
One quarter of Fate to Fatal
Almost half of Pacer

I'm considerably into the weeds now. Most of the remaining tunes have no tab or chords anywhere to be found. Many of them I don't care that much for, making my motivation mostly about complete-ism...but that's what I thought a dozen songs ago and I've really enjoyed doing those. So we'll see where it goes.

Started learning "Dedicated" last night. It was a hoot.