Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Breeders Tribute Progress

I went ahead and finished the last 8 songs of "Pointless Recording Project Part Two" (having Monday off was admittedly key to getting this done). This brings the current total on "theBreedArs" project page to 32 songs. Depending on how one counts these things (what counts as a Breeders song and what doesn't is a more philosophical question than you might expect)...that leaves somewhere between 26 and 45 tunes remaining in the full catalog (plus, perhaps, a few rarities that I don't want to even think about). As the great Barney Stinson was want to say when no one at all in the world wanted him to do something: "Challenge accepted.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Breeders Tribute update

I'm up to 24 Breeders Tribute tunes posted now. I feel myself leaning in to the concept of just fucking recording them all.

My standards are going down too. Get it done is the new policy. Really what the fuck difference does it make? No one is paying attention anyway.

There is something profoundly satisfying about finishing a song...warts and all. It may be the last safe high in my life.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

So the Pointless Recording Project Wasn't So Pointless Afterall (plus running live sound!)

Been recording Breeders covers since April and calling it pointless, but really it was learning for recording what I will consider a demo but the rest of the group will consider a major studio release for one my bands. I'm not sure we're ready to record, but people get excited about these things and I've at least talked them down to not spending money on the thing and instead just spending my time. We've narrowed the recording session to a targeted 8 hours over one weekend in September. Which weekend tbd. I started working on the details in earnest last night. I think I will use the analog mixer to create a "drum bus" of 4 mics on the drum kit. Run that into the digital mixer along with 2 vox, a guitar mic, and a bass DI xlr line. Then into the interface and on to ye olde shitty laptop. A bit of on-board reverb on both vox. Stick the guitar in a separate closed room. Hope for the best on bleed into and from the vocals. We'll see how it goes. If all else fails I'll throw a stereo pair on the bitch instead and call it done.

In other news, hanging out pretending like I'm gonna become sound person for a band with a Sunday night residency gig. Reading the Yamaha bible on "Sound Reinforcement." Watching videos online about running a digital board. Fairly certain that I could run the sound at this gig with absolutely no knowledge what-so-ever, but I'd like to learn proper-like all the same. Debating offering myself up to run sound at Showase 1&2 in 2015 as a "work toward goal" but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Probably I could have my shit reasonably together by then. Also thinking about pestering my buddy that I shadowed that one time to let me do it again. I kinda got overwhelmed on that deal and dropped the ball. But I think I've taken enough steps forward now to get back to it again.