Friday, November 28, 2014

The Cost of a Tour

I'm always curious about how much it costs to run a tour, so this post about Pomplamoose's 2014 tour was fascinating to me.

I have some editorial comments about whether or not it was all money well spent, but since my ass doesn't seem to be getting out of town any time soon I suppose I should shut my pie hole.

But this guy can leave his pie hole open and comment all he wants.

Breeders Tribute Progress

Gonna try to bang out the last 4 tunes from part 3 this weekend, bringing the total done to 47 songs. I think I've determined that there are 66 unique Breeders tunes in the catalog, 12 Amps, and 10 solo (88 total). 53% or better done (it feels further along than that though as the list of songs that I actually am willing to learn dwindles ever more).

Friday, November 7, 2014

Breeders Tribute Gear

I've been going along doing this Breeders tribute without much concern for gear. I've used what I had access to...which is mostly a small battery operated VOX digital modelling amp, a knock-off telecaster, and a knock-off stratecaster.

Finally looked up today what exactly they play:
To my complete shock, the strats are 1991 Strat Ultras, which have a HSS pickup configuration...which just happens to be what the strat knockoff that I'm using has.

I've been considering picking up a les paul someday but the choices are so many that I didn't know what to get. Based on what they play and what I've heard and my price range...I think the choice to make is a Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro in gold top. ($499) I've heard before that "studio" models are for shit, and what the gals play have the humbuckers (P90s in their case, though that won't probably be in my price range) that have both parts showing (instead of it being one single plate cover). Either that or go with a standard plain in gold top ($399). I'm not running out to buy anything cause I have access to plenty of guitars, but someday maybe.

I have a list of pedals on the wishlist for the future (probably far ahead future) too:

Ibanez tube screamer (prolly TS9 with 3 knobs and the big foot switch, $99)
Boss super chorus CH1 ($99)
Boss digital delay DD3 ($129) or DD7 ($149)
EH nano Holy Grail reverb ($120)

Noting that today I saw reference that the gals use Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion ($75) ...but of course they are playing through Marshall half stacks too. Probably not needed with the tube screamer.

Boss RC-3 Loop Station ($199) sounds like fun, but doubt I'd ever learn to use it.

All of this ignores that I already have all the effects I need in the little battery amp (though they aren't easily switchable)...that I have no need to perform on guitar...and that I don't own a real guitar amp.  That's why none of this is a near term need or even want. It's all dreams in the useless ether.

PS: The below (from LSXX tour) is ridic.

UPDATE: I totally forgot to list the black and white telecaster with "Echo" written on it. They don't use this very often but it has started to show up in some of the new tunes. 

And, of course, Jo has played a Rickenbacker bass (Pod) and a Music Man Stingray (first Kim's red one and later a tan one that I presume to belong to Jo). Sometimes the red P bass from Pixies makes an appearance too and even the Thunderbird got played by Mando.