Monday, September 9, 2013

SVFD, 9/7/2013 private party

We played for B's wedding reception party thing.  We played almost everything we know (no setlist provided here cause we just called songs).  About 5 or 6 tunes into the set, the cops showed up. We were playing amplified outdoors in the middle of a residential neighborhood starting at really it was warranted.  They waited for us to finish Je's ska arrangement of "I Will Survive" and then asked us to go acoustic or go inside. So inside we went.  We regrouped and played until 11pm. I was shocked that the small crowd stuck around, stood in the house with us, and danced their asses off.

Only blip of the night for me was that I thought we were playing "Spiderwebs" for the encore, but the bride apparently yelled "Came Out of a Lady" right before we started to play and the front line called an audible without consultation. Unfortunately I am a lynch pin in the start of the song and wasn't ready. I should have just gone with it, but instead tried to get my bandmates to start over, which of course they didn't because they are professionals and know how to roll with the punches. I regret not being able to go with the flow and not have a reaction disproportionate to the confusion in the moment. But I can't really control a reflex so I should get over it. Still, it bothers me that I couldn't just jump into it without hesitation, and further, that I made a big deal out of it. Alas.

The calling of the cops was fun though, and we all clucked about it on the internet for hours after the show was over.

Friday, September 6, 2013

SSW, Mr Roberts, 9/5/2013

w/ Meat Faucet and Dirty Nigel & the Strap Ons.

We played so freaking late. Lots of beer was drunken unfortunately. There was no rehearsal. I have the muscle memory still, even after a year of nearly no rehearsals...but my endurance is completely gone. The performance was completely adequate, though each time we play without rehearsals things get marginally worse. A small but supportive crowd. We took home $60, which seems like way more than we were likely owed, but I think the bartender likes us. Had new heads on the kit...but I played with ear plugs in so I really have no idea how they sounded.

Part Time Punks
Bosocobel Breakout
Mr Suit
Teenaged Kicks
We Are the One
Political Song for MJ
New Rose
Helicopter (nearly forgot how to play this AGAIN)
Dance 4x
One Track Mind
Too Drunk to Fuck
I Am a Cliche
Suspect Device
You Drive Me Ape
I've Been So Mad Lately
Fucked Up and Wasted