Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UPDATE: Gigs to Date

Here's the updated gig-ography. I've included all dates scheduled through the end of 2011 as well.

Seven Stone Weaklings
12/9 Mickey's
6/16 WORT
4/14 Mr Roberts
3/10 Mr Roberts
2/13 Harmony
1/8 Crystal Corner Bar

12/11 WYOU Fundraiser
11/5 Wisco
10/7 Mr. Roberts
8/17 Frequency
7/25 High Noon Saloon
4/24 Frequency
3/30 High Noon Saloon
2/25 Great Dane
2/14 Harmony Bar
1/22 Mickey's
1/8 Frequency

12/19 High Noon
12/12 Mickey's
9/6 Slackfest private party
July Private party at my house (first show with RS)
5/14 Frequency
4/4 Glass Nickel

The Drain
11/10 WORT
11/9 High Noon
9/22 Great Dane
8/26 The Wisco
7/9 Legend's
6/14 The Wisco
4/4 High Noon
2/25 Beaver Dam Best Western,
2/3 Great Dane

12/31 Mickey's
11/4 Great Dane

Note: TD played many years of shows before I joined them.

Crackity Jones
12/16 Frequency
12/15 Mr Roberts
10/28 High Noon as The Flaming Lips
9/9 Mickey's
5/27 Mr Roberts
5/21 Inferno
4/16 Mickey's
3/21 High Noon Saloon

12/4 High Noon Saloon
10/30 Mickey's
8/28 Mickey's
8/4 Frequency
7/8 Great Dane
6/4 Mickey's
5/19 High Noon Saloon
4/24 Frequency

Other Bands
10/28 Peroxide at High Noon
10/1 Peroxide at Ladies Rock Camp at Madison Music Foundry
See also here for older, now defunct bands.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


CJ practiced for the first time in a long time last night. Since May we've only had one Pixies show and only practiced Pixies once or twice. The rest of the time it has been all Flaming Lips.

Last night we played all of Doolittle, including Silver (which is new to us), and about 15 or so other songs. The plan is to play Doolittle on Dec 16th and a mostly different set on Dec 15th. It is unclear if the set on Dec 15th needs to be 45 minutes, an hour, or longer. It could be as much as two 45 minute sets.

Overall I think we sounded great. I don't feel too proud to say that I sounded the best out of everyone. I think I've practiced more in the interium, including over the last couple of weeks...and I was once again stone cold sober while everyone else had at least one beer last night. Where being sober has felt hard for playing in recent weeks...if I can sustain it in the end it will certainly ultimately improve my playing (if not my feeling of being relaxed). I actually felt myself under utilizing my brain last night...I could wander off and read things on the wall while playing for instance. I guess it makes sense. If you can play a bass line after having drunk 5 beers...surely sober you'll have significantly more free brain space to play it and not totally have to focus on it.

Anyway, I'm happy to be back at the Pixies stuff and happy that everyone seems to have a new sense of dedication. A month ago I think we were all ready to go live under rocks for a while. I'm more optimistic about the future of the band now than I've been in a while. There was talk of learning Bossanova last night...which no one has ever been all that interested in. And three of us played "Distance" on a whim for the first time with no prior prep (while Paco was in the john) and nearly ran right into "Lovely Day" before realizing that we ought to refocus on the tunes at hand. I think that we're all ready to get back at this thing.

Monday, November 14, 2011

TD, WORT, 11/10/2011

It is yet another tail of two gigs. You'll (the universal "you" because I know that I'm the only one who reads this) recall my morbid dissatisfaction with the Wednesday gig. Well we played the exact same set the very next day on WORT for Psychoacoustics(in a different order because of curse words and "Safe Harbor" beginning at 10pm). It went great on Thursday. I was still stone cold sober. I am still hanging up a bit on Bodies R Burnin, One is for Man, and in a few other little spots in songs...but on balance it was perfectly presentable. And the feel amongst us all was just better too. J's tempos were better. Twan could hear. It was just better. Made a great new contact with the guy running sound too.

This made for the third time that week that we played this set all the way through...Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I was exhausted by Thursday from staying up late two nights in a row and moving our shit both nights. Touring, especially unsupported touring, must just be brutal. That said...one does gain confidence with repeated playing of the same set. Those bands must be air tight at the end of a tour.

There is a Realplayer playlist of the entire show at https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/dsward2/web/tunes/TheDrain/WORTpsychoacousticsNov102011/wort_Nov102011.pls (our performance starts around 1 hour 30 minutes and runs for just under an hour).

Sent It
Going Down Drain
At the Door
Better N Better
Gun in Your Grave
Bodies R Burnin
One is for Man
Gotta Tell U
It's Alright

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Memo to Myself About Gloom and Doom

I just looked and on Oct 18th I was totally happy with my drumming. Today I am pretty much the opposite. Today is the 10th of November. I am reminded that I have a personal monthly hormonal cycle, despite the fact that there is no obvious manifestation of that any longer. Typically, around the 10th of the month I get irritated, depressed, and down on myself.

Today is the 10th.

Three weeks ago I felt great.

And, once again, I effectively stopped practicing my drums around late August because I was hurting myself going too hard too fast. And I was depressed. So where as I used to sit down at the drums almost every single day and practice...and in the very least for many hours on the weekends...I haven't played them at all except in rehearsals since August. That's almost three months now. Duh.

TD, High Noon, 11/9/2011

We played a Rock Against Walker benefit with The Type, Barristacide, and some dude with a guitar. It was sparsely attended. I was stone cold sober.

I struggled. Things that used to be easy feel hard now. Stuff that used to come instictually are hard to pull off at all. I don't know if it is lack of practice, the fact that I only play these songs once a week, sobriety, or what. I feel out of sorts and uncoordinated. It's been like this about since about a week before the Halloween gig. I've been thinking it's been nerves, but it happened at rehearsal lately a few times too.

I suppose it went alright as far as the audience could tell. It wasn't an unmitigated disaster or anything on my end. Just not smooth. Not polished. Not good. I felt like I didn't match up to the other drummers. The stage sound was weird too...the guitars were fuzzy. Twan agreed it was hard to hear. I guess that I should have asked to adjust my monitor. I don't know. J was all over the place on starting tempos too...slow songs played fast...fast songs played slow. I struggled to adjust the tempos and was kinda inconsistent.

We play the exact same set tonight on the radio. It'll be the third time I've played it this week. I'm dreading it. I don't feel like it is gonna get better. I'm sure that I just need to go back to the woodshed. But damn.

Sidenote from the cool/weird files:
The dude with the guitar who opened played Where Is My Mind and then after his set and after spotting me and RS in the crowd yells "Crackity Jones!" in a woo-hoo kind of way at us. "We're famous" I say to RS who says back "Yes, to roughly 100 people" to which I reply "just like the real Pixies back in the day". It was kinda cool. I kind of forget about all this until about 30 minutes later the guy comes up to me. He's got that overly enthusiastic look. He's moony-eyes. He's over the moon. He's got that "I can't believe I'm actually talking to you, you're my hero" look. he starts babbling about Crackity Jones. Now it was weird.

And then there was a kind of "oh I thought maybe Crackity Jones was playing cause I saw the band here (even though only two of us were there, which makes me wonder if he would even recognize Paco and Pico) and I was all excited but I guess you guys have another band and I'm excited to hear that too." But he wasn't really. In the span of 10 minutes I had the full experience of what it is like to be Kim Deal and have someone be so excited to meet you...and how strange that is (especially since I'm not even actually her)...followed by the full Joey/David experience that no one would recognize you on the street because you aren't one of the more visible members of the band...followed by the full Frank Black experience of "I do lots of music stuff but all these fuckers care about is the Pixies". Truly, truly surreal. That people (including me) react to celebrities (who actually are just other human beings) in this way is so strange and interesting. That people then further carry over those feelings and reactions to proxy celebrities is truly fascinating. I mean this guy was playing at the same gig as me. He did a Pixies cover...that's all that Crackity Jones does. He and I aren't any different. SO WEIRD.

Sent It
Going Down Drain
At the Door
Gotta Tell U
It's Alright
One is for Man
Better N Better
Bodies R Burnin
Gun in Your Grave