Monday, July 28, 2014

Breeders Part 2 Status

Finished "Head to Toe" last night and posted it this morning. I'm really pleased with it. Threw a kazoo on there cause I couldn't figure out the effect in one place.

The way these things always seem to go I was feeling stuck...then suddenly recorded all the vox. Then one day...all the drums. Then...a round of bass and they were done. So all that's left is guitar parts now and some minor backing vox. Decided it would be nice to have one finished song, so wrapped up "Head to Toe" last night.

Once I get on a roll, they seem to come really quickly...which begs the question...why stop? If all goes well I will have 31 songs completed at the end of this stretch.  They only have about 64 songs total(at least that I'm aware of). So I'm halfway through doing all of their songs. A tipping point if you will. Sure, what's left is what doesn't interest me...but that's the way it was when we learned the Pixies tunes too. Eventually I'll love them all through repetition. Anyway, it seems like a real possibility. And wouldn't that be a have learned the entire catalog...and every part on every song...for a single band? At the rate I'm going, the whole thing would likely only take 4-6 months.

And then they will release new music...and of course, the current total is 76 if you include The Amps and 84 (soon to be 86) if you include the solo series. Both of which I am likely to include. is a Pixies-size catalog, and I know that is a chunk I can handle.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Breeders Tribute Part 2

Put down drum tracks for a few songs (can't remember which ones now) a week or so ago. Last Friday I recorded 11 vocal tracks because I was in good voice that day. Essentially I got down everything except "Fate to Fatal" (no idea what the lyrics are) and "Don't Call Home" (this is really low, I'm gonna have to work on it awhile).

The plan is to do these 13 songs, though I'm still waivering about "Freed Pig" and "It's the Love" since they are covers ("Shocker" is too, but it is a must). Technically "Pacer" is a tune by The Amps, but that's probably close enough.

Shocker in Gloomtown
Head to Toe
Bang On
Don't Call Home
Fate to Fatal
Fortunately Gone
Walk It Off
When I Was a Painter
Lime House
Freed Pig
It's the Love

Thursday, July 3, 2014

SVFD, July 2nd, Frequency

Opened for Wiseguys and Scalawags and The Bottles.  We played the same set we've played at the last two shows including encores.  All went pretty well. A small but friendly crowd. We are officially on hiatus until after the trombone player recovers from having a baby (that's a first).

Rascal King
About a Girl
Came Out of A Lady
Lost Again
Red Rubber Ball
I Don't Love You Anymore
Thigh High
Mr. Smiley
Somewhere in the Between
I will survive